Source code for pymodaq.daq_utils.parameter.ioxml

import importlib
import json
from pathlib import Path
from xml.etree import ElementTree as ET
from collections import OrderedDict
from qtpy import QtGui
from qtpy.QtCore import QDateTime
from pyqtgraph.parametertree import Parameter

[docs]def walk_parameters_to_xml(parent_elt=None, param=None): """ To convert a parameter object (and children) to xml data tree. =============== ================================ ================================== **Parameters** **Type** **Description** *parent_elt* XML element the root element *param* instance of pyqtgraph parameter Parameter object to be converted =============== ================================ ================================== Returns ------- XML element : parent_elt XML element with subelements from Parameter object See Also -------- add_text_to_elt, walk_parameters_to_xml, dict_from_param """ if type(param) is None: raise TypeError('No valid param input') if parent_elt is None: opts = dict_from_param(param) parent_elt = ET.Element(, **opts) param_type = str(param.type()) if 'group' not in param_type: # covers 'group', custom 'groupmove', 'groupai' ... add_text_to_elt(parent_elt, param) params_list = param.children() for param in params_list: opts = dict_from_param(param) elt = ET.Element(, **opts) param_type = str(param.type()) if 'group' not in param_type: # covers 'group', custom 'groupmove'... add_text_to_elt(elt, param) else: walk_parameters_to_xml(elt, param) parent_elt.append(elt) return parent_elt
[docs]def add_text_to_elt(elt, param): """Add a text filed in a xml element corresponding to the parameter value Parameters ---------- elt: XML elt param: Parameter See Also -------- add_text_to_elt, walk_parameters_to_xml, dict_from_param """ param_type = str(param.type()) if 'bool' in param_type or 'led' in param_type: if param.value(): text = '1' else: text = '0' elif param_type == 'itemselect': if param.value() is not None: elt.set('all_items', str(param.value()['all_items'])) # use list(eval(val_str[1:-1])) to get back a list of strings text = str(param.value()['selected']) # use list(eval(val_str[1:-1])) to get back a list of strings else: text = str(None) elif param_type == 'color': text = str([param.value().red(), param.value().green(), param.value().blue(), param.value().alpha()]) elif param_type == 'list': if isinstance(param.value(), str): text = "str('{}')".format(param.value()) elif isinstance(param.value(), int): text = 'int({})'.format(param.value()) elif isinstance(param.value(), float): text = 'float({})'.format(param.value()) else: str(param.value()) elif param_type == 'int': if param.value() is True: # known bug is True should be clearly specified here val = 1 else: val = param.value() text = str(val) elif param_type == 'date_time': text = str(param.value().toSecsSinceEpoch()) elif param_type == 'date': text = str(QDateTime(param.value()).toSecsSinceEpoch()) elif param_type == 'table_view': try: data = dict(classname=param.value().__class__.__name__, module=param.value().__class__.__module__, data=param.value().get_data_all(), header=param.value().header) text = json.dumps(data) except Exception: text = '' else: text = str(param.value()) elt.text = text
[docs]def dict_from_param(param): """Get Parameter properties as a dictionary Parameters ---------- param: Parameter Returns ------- opts: dict See Also -------- add_text_to_elt, walk_parameters_to_xml, dict_from_param """ opts = dict([]) param_type = str(param.type()) opts.update(dict(type=param_type)) title = param.opts['title'] if title is None: title = opts.update(dict(title=title)) visible = '1' if 'visible' in param.opts: if param.opts['visible']: visible = '1' else: visible = '0' opts.update(dict(visible=visible)) removable = '1' if 'removable' in param.opts: if param.opts['removable']: removable = '1' else: removable = '0' opts.update(dict(removable=removable)) readonly = '0' if 'readonly' in param.opts: if param.opts['readonly']: readonly = '1' else: readonly = '0' opts.update(dict(readonly=readonly)) if 'limits' in param.opts: values = str(param.opts['limits']) opts.update(dict(values=values)) if 'limits' in param.opts: limits = str(param.opts['limits']) opts.update(dict(limits=limits)) opts.update(dict(values=limits)) if 'addList' in param.opts: addList = str(param.opts['addList']) opts.update(dict(addList=addList)) if 'detlist' in param.opts: detlist = str(param.opts['detlist']) opts.update(dict(detlist=detlist)) if 'movelist' in param.opts: movelist = str(param.opts['movelist']) opts.update(dict(movelist=movelist)) if 'show_pb' in param.opts: if param.opts['show_pb']: show_pb = '1' else: show_pb = '0' opts.update(dict(show_pb=show_pb)) if 'filetype' in param.opts: if param.opts['filetype']: filetype = '1' else: filetype = '0' opts.update(dict(filetype=filetype)) return opts
[docs]def elt_to_dict(el): """Convert xml element attributes to a dictionnary Parameters ---------- el Returns ------- """ param = dict([]) # name=el.tag, title=title, type=param_type, value=param_value, values=[param_value], # visible=visible, removable=removable, readonly=readonly, show_pb=show_pb) param.update(dict(name=el.tag)) param_type = el.get('type') param.update(dict(type=param_type)) title = el.get('title') if title == 'None': title = el.tag param.update(dict(title=title)) if 'visible' not in el.attrib.keys(): visible = True else: visible = bool(int(el.get('visible'))) param.update(dict(visible=visible)) if 'removable' not in el.attrib.keys(): removable = False else: removable = bool(int(el.get('removable'))) param.update(dict(removable=removable)) if 'readonly' not in el.attrib.keys(): readonly = False else: readonly = bool(int(el.get('readonly'))) param.update(dict(readonly=readonly)) if 'show_pb' in el.attrib.keys(): show_pb = bool(int(el.get('show_pb'))) else: show_pb = False param.update(dict(show_pb=show_pb)) if 'filetype' in el.attrib.keys(): filetype = bool(int(el.get('filetype'))) param.update(dict(filetype=filetype)) if 'detlist' in el.attrib.keys(): detlist = eval(el.get('detlist')) param.update(dict(detlist=detlist)) if 'movelist' in el.attrib.keys(): movelist = eval(el.get('movelist')) param.update(dict(movelist=movelist)) if 'addList' in el.attrib.keys(): addList = eval(el.get('addList')) param.update(dict(addList=addList)) if 'limits' in el.attrib.keys(): values = list(eval(el.get('limits'))) # make sure the evaluated values are returned as list (in case another # iterator type has been used) param.update(dict(values=values)) if 'limits' in el.attrib.keys(): limits = eval(el.get('limits')) param.update(dict(limits=limits)) return param
[docs]def parameter_to_xml_string(param): """ Convert a Parameter to a XML string. Parameters ---------- param: Parameter Returns ------- str: XMl string See Also -------- add_text_to_elt, walk_parameters_to_xml, dict_from_param Examples -------- >>> from pyqtgraph.parametertree import Parameter >>> #Create an instance of Parameter >>> settings=Parameter(name='settings') >>> converted_xml=parameter_to_xml_string(settings) >>> # The converted Parameter >>> print(converted_xml) b'<settings title="settings" type="None" />' """ xml_elt = walk_parameters_to_xml(param=param) return ET.tostring(xml_elt)
[docs]def parameter_to_xml_file(param, filename): """ Convert the given parameter to XML element and update the given XML file. =============== ================================= ================================ **Parameters** **Type** **Description** *param* instance of pyqtgraph parameter the parameter to be added *filename* string the filename of the XML file =============== ================================= ================================ See Also -------- walk_parameters_to_xml Examples -------- """ fname = Path(filename) parent = fname.parent filename = fname.stem fname = parent.joinpath(filename + ".xml") # forcing the right extension on the filename xml_elt = walk_parameters_to_xml(param=param) tree = ET.ElementTree(xml_elt) tree.write(str(fname))
[docs]def walk_xml_to_parameter(params=[], XML_elt=None): """ To convert an XML element (and children) to list of dict enabling creation of parameter object. =============== ================== ======================================= **Parameters** **Type** **Description** *params* dictionnary list the list to create parameter object *XML_elt* XML object the XML object to be converted =============== ================== ======================================= Returns ------- params : dictionnary list list of dict to create parameter object Examples ------- >>> from pyqtgraph.parametertree import Parameter, ParameterItem >>> import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET >>> tree = ET.parse('text_bis.xml') >>> root = tree.getroot() >>> params=walk_xml_to_parameter(XML_elt=root) >>> settings_xml=Parameter.create(name='Settings XML', type='group', children=params) >>> settings=Parameter.create(name='Settings', type='group', children=params) See Also -------- walk_parameters_to_xml """ try: if type(XML_elt) is not ET.Element: raise TypeError('not valid XML element') if len(XML_elt) == 0: param_dict = elt_to_dict(XML_elt) param_type = XML_elt.get('type') if 'group' not in param_type: # covers 'group', custom 'groupmove'... set_txt_from_elt(XML_elt, param_dict) params.append(param_dict) for el in XML_elt: param_dict = elt_to_dict(el) param_type = el.get('type') if 'group' not in param_type: # covers 'group', custom 'groupmove'... set_txt_from_elt(el, param_dict) else: subparams = [] param_dict.update(dict(children=walk_xml_to_parameter(subparams, el))) param_dict.update(dict(name=el.tag)) params.append(param_dict) except Exception as e: # to be able to debug when there's an issue raise e return params
[docs]def set_txt_from_elt(el, param_dict): """ get the value of the parameter from the text value of the xml element Parameters ---------- el: xml element param_dict: dictionnary from which the parameter will be constructed """ val_text = el.text param_type = el.get('type') if val_text is not None: if param_type == 'float': param_value = float(val_text) elif param_type == 'int': param_value = int(float(val_text)) elif param_type == 'slide': param_value = float(val_text) elif param_type == 'itemselect': if val_text == 'None': param_value = dict(all_items=[], selected=[]) else: param_value = dict(all_items=eval(el.get('all_items', val_text)), selected=eval(val_text)) elif 'bool' in param_type or 'led' in param_type: # covers 'bool' 'bool_push', 'led' and 'led_push'types param_value = bool(int(val_text)) elif param_type == 'date_time': param_value = QDateTime.fromSecsSinceEpoch(int(val_text)) elif param_type == 'date': param_value = QDateTime.fromSecsSinceEpoch(int(val_text)).date() elif param_type == 'table': param_value = eval(val_text) elif param_type == 'color': param_value = QtGui.QColor(*eval(val_text)) elif param_type == 'list': try: param_value = eval(val_text) except Exception: param_value = val_text # for back compatibility elif param_type == 'table_view': data_dict = json.loads(val_text) mod = importlib.import_module(data_dict['module']) _cls = getattr(mod, data_dict['classname']) param_value = _cls(data_dict['data'], header=data_dict['header']) else: param_value = val_text param_dict.update(dict(value=param_value))
[docs]def XML_file_to_parameter(file_name): """ Convert a xml file into pyqtgraph parameter object. =============== =========== ================================================ **Parameters** **Type** **Description** *file_name* string the file name of the XML file to be converted =============== =========== ================================================ Returns ------- params : dictionnary list a parameter list of dictionnary to init a parameter See Also -------- walk_parameters_to_xml Examples -------- """ tree = ET.parse(file_name) root = tree.getroot() params = walk_xml_to_parameter(params=[], XML_elt=root) return params
[docs]def XML_string_to_parameter(xml_string): """ Convert a xml string into a list of dict for initialize pyqtgraph parameter object. =============== =========== ================================ **Parameters** **Type** **Description** xml_string string the xml string to be converted =============== =========== ================================ Returns ------- params: a parameter list of dict to init a parameter See Also -------- walk_parameters_to_xml Examples -------- """ root = ET.fromstring(xml_string) tree = ET.ElementTree(root) # tree.write('test.xml') params = walk_xml_to_parameter(params=[], XML_elt=root) return params
def XML_string_to_pobject(xml_string): """ return a Parameter object from its *translated* version as a XML string Parameters ---------- xml_string: (str) string representation of a Parameter Object Returns ------- Parameter See Also -------- parameter_to_xml_string """ return Parameter.create(name='settings', type='group', children=XML_file_to_parameter(xml_string))