New Tree items

Documentation on the added or modified ParameterItem types compared to pyqtgraph.parametertree.parameterTypes module.

WidgetParameterItem and SimpleParameter have been subclassed to define more options:

  • int and float: represented by a custom Spinbox, see Spinbox

  • bool, led, bool_push are represented respectively by a QCheckBox, a QLED, QPushButton

  • str displays a QLineEdit widget

  • date_time displays a QDateTime widget

  • date displays a QDate widget

  • time displays a QTimeCustom widget

  • pixmap displays a QPixmap in a QLabel

  • pixmap_check displays a custom PixmapCheckWidget widget

Other widgets for ParameterTree have been introduced:

  • group: subclassed group parameter, see GroupParameterCustom and GroupParameterItemCustom

  • slide: displays a custom Spinbox and a QSlider to set floats and ints, see SliderSpinBox

  • list: subclassed pyqtgraph list that displays a list and a pushbutton to let the user add entries in the list, see ListParameter and ListParameterItem and Combo_pb

  • table: subclassed pyqtgraph table, see TableParameterItem, TableParameter and TableWidget

  • table_view : displaying a QTableView with custom model to be user defined, see Qt5 documentation, see TableViewParameterItem, TableViewCustom and TableViewParameter

  • ìtemselect: displays a QListWidget with selectable elements, see ItemSelectParameterItem, ItemSelect_pb, ItemSelect and ItemSelectParameter

  • browsepath: displays an edit line and a push button to select files or folders, see FileDirParameterItem, FileDirWidget and FileDirParameter

  • text`: subclassed plain text area text from pyqtgraph with limited height, see TextParameterItemCustom and TextParameter

  • text_pb: displays a plain text area and a visible button to add data into it, see PlainTextParameterItem, PlainTextWidget and PlainTextPbParameter