3.5.3. H5Browser

The h5 browser is an object that helps browsing of datas and metadatas. It asks you to select a h5 file and then display a window such as Fig. 3.44. Depending the element of the file you are selecting in the h5 file tree, various metadata can be displayed, such as scan settings or module settings at the time of saving. When double clicking on data type entries in the tree, the data viewer (type ND Viewer that can display data dimensionality up to 4) will display the selected data node .

h5 browser

Fig. 3.44 h5 browser to explore saved datas

Some options are available when right clicking on a node, see Fig. 3.45.

h5 browser

Fig. 3.45 h5 browser options

  • Export as: allow exporting of the data in the selected node to another known file format

  • Add Comment: add a comment into the metadata of the node

  • Plot Node: plot data (equivalent as double clicking)

  • Plot Nodes: plot data hanging from the same channel

  • Plot Node with Bkg: plot data with subtracted background (if present)

  • Plot Nodes with Bkg: plot data hanging from the same channel with subtracted background (if present)