8.4.6. File management

pymodaq.utils.gui_utils.select_file(start_path='C:\\Data', save=True, ext=None, filter=None, force_save_extension=False)[source]

Opens a selection file popup for loading or saving a file

  • start_path (str or Path) – The strating point in the file/folder system to open the popup from

  • save (bool) – if True, ask you to enter a filename (with or without extension)

  • ext (str) – the extension string, e.g. xml, h5, png …

  • filter (string) – list of possible extensions, if you need several you can separate them by ;; for example: “Images (.png *.xpm *.jpg);;Text files (.txt);;XML files (*.xml)”

  • force_save_extension (bool) – if True force the extension of the saved file to be set to ext



Return type

the Path object of the file to save or load