3.5.1. DAQ Scan

This module is an extension of the DashBoard but is the heart of PyMoDAQ, it will:

  • setup automatic data acquisition of detectors as a function of one or more actuators

  • save datas in hierarchical hdf5 binary files (compatible with the H5Browser used to display/explore data)

The flow of this module is as follow:

  • at startup you have to define/load a preset (see Preset manager) in the Dashboard

  • Select DAQ_Scan in the actions menu

  • A dataset will be declared the first time you set a scan. A dataset is equivalent to a single saved file containing multiple scans. One can see a dataset as a series of scans related to single subject/sample to be characterized.

  • Metadata can be saved for each dataset and then for each scan and be later retrieved from the saved file (see Module Savers and H5Browser)

  • Performs multiple scans exploring all the parameters needed for your experiment