3.4.1. DashBoard

This module is the heart of PyMoDAQ, it will:

  • Help you declare the list of actuators and detectors to be used for a given experiment (Preset manager)

  • Setup automatic data acquisition of detectors as a function of one or more actuators using its DAQ_Scan extension

  • Log data into advanced binary file or distant database using its DAQ_Logger extension

The flow of this module is as follow:

  • At startup you have to define/load/modify a preset (see Preset manager) representing an ensemble of actuators and detectors

  • Define/load/modify eventual overshoots (see Overshoot manager)

  • Define/load/modify eventual ROI (Region of interests) selections (see ROI manager)

  • Use the actuators and detectors manually to drive your experiment

  • Select an action to perform: automated scan (DAQ_Scan) and/or log data (DAQ_Logger) Introduction

This module has one main window, the dashboard (Fig. 3.6) where a log and all declared actuators and detectors will be loaded as instances of DAQ_Move and DAQ_Viewer. The dashboard gives you full control for manual adjustments of each actuator, checking their impact on live data from the detectors. Once all is set, one can move on to different actions.


Fig. 3.6 Dashboard user interface containing all declared control modules (actuators/detectors) and some initialization info. Multiple hardware from one controller

Sometimes one hardware controller can drive multiple actuators and sometimes detectors (for instance a XY translation stage). For this particular case the controller should not be initialized multiple times. One should identify one actuator referred to as Master and the other ones will be referred to as Slave. They will share the same controller address represented in the settings tree by the Controller ID entry. These settings will be activated within the plugin script where one can define a unique identifier for each actuator (U or V for the conex in Fig. 3.12). This feature can be enabled for both DAQ_Move and DAQ_Viewer modules but will be most often encountered with actuators, so see for more details: Multiaxes controller. This has to be done using the Preset Manager