5. Glossary Terms

Here are some definitions of the specific terms used in the PyMoDAQ documentation:


Any instrument with a controllable varying parameter


Any instrument generating data to be recorded

Control Modules

GUI for actuators and detectors, with subsequent classes: DAQ_Move and DAQ_Viewer, see Control Modules


GUI allowing configuration and loading of a preset of actuators and detectors. You can also start extensions from its GUI such as the DAQ Scan, DAQ Logger, … See DashBoard


XML file containing the number and type of control modules to be used for a given experiment. You can create, modify and load a preset from the Dashboard


A plugin is a python package whose name is of the type: pymodaq_plugins_apluginname containing functionalities to be added to PyMoDAQ


A plugin may contains added functionalities such as:

  • Classes to add a given instrument: allows a given instrument to be added programmatically in a Control Modules graphical interface

  • Instrument drivers located in a hardware folder: contains scripts/classes to ease communication with the instrument. Could be third party packages such as Pymeasure

  • PID models located in a models folder: scripts and classes defining the behaviour of a given PID loop including several actuators or detectors, see The PID Model

  • Extensions located in a extension folder: scripts and classes allowing to build extensions on top of the DashBoard

Entry points python mechanism is used to let know PyMoDAQ of installed Instrument, PID models or extension plugins